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HBIS Smederevo /01

Messer Tehnogas /02

Water factory /03

JP Toplifikacija /04


Worked on ALL types of work on ALL plants in the factory for a long period of time


Installation and manufacturing of pipelines and other structures


Installation of pipelines, drinking water reservoirs and other...


For 20 years, we have been maintaining the heating system of the city of Požarevac

HBIS Smederevo
Messer Tehnogas
Water factory
JP Toplifikacija


The company Minel Enim Smederevo Ltd. can boast of a rich history of doing business in numerous countries on different continents. We participated in the construction of a large number of investment facilities and thus gained an international reputation among well-known global companies in several countries such as Russian Federation, Poland, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Gabon, Cyprus, and elsewhere.


The company Minel Enim Smederevo Ltd. deals with the production and assembly of processing, food, and thermo-technical equipment and plants. In addition, we offer a wide range of works, which include: locksmithing, welding, cutting, sheet metal, and electrical works.


The company Minel Enim Smederevo Ltd. exists in order to provide all clients in the field of processing and thermo-technical equipment and plants, as well as the production and assembly of steel constructions, products, and services of the highest quality within the agreed deadlines, and to enable its employees to work in a high-quality technical and technological environment while respecting all the principles of modern business ethics, which reflect mutual respect and trust, belonging to the company and individual contribution to the company's reputation.


1948. 1948.


MINEL was founded in 1948 as a state-owned enterprise for the construction of electro energetic and thermoenergetic facilities. The company harmonized the form and organization of work with the positive regulations of the economic legislation and the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets.

1993. 1993.


By conquering the domestic and foreign markets, as well as by increasing the number of employees by the legal regulations of the time, MINEL ENIM was transformed first into a working organization, then into a company with work units in all the republics of the former Yugoslavian federation and finally to a public limited company within the MINEL HOLDING corporation.

2008. 2008.


Since 2008, MINEL ENIM has become the Company Minel Enim Smederevo Ltd. and under this name, the company exists and operates today.


Since its existence, the company Minel Enim Smederevo Ltd. devotes great importance to participation in humanitarian actions, donations, and sponsorships. Contributing to the community we operate is an essential part of our business ethics.

As a socially responsible company, we selflessly redirect our funds to those who need help the most. In addition to humanitarian organizations, we very often help at various sports events. This especially applies to those in which the main actors are children because the promotion of sports and the popularization of healthy lifestyles are some of the priorities of our humanitarian campaigns.



General Hospital "Sveti Luka" Smederevo

General Hospital "Voja Dulić" Požarevac

"Budi human" humanitarian foundation, Belgrade

City organization of the Association of the Blind of Serbia, Smederevo

Humanitarian organization "Dečije srce", Belgrade

Humanitarian organization "Radost deci", Belgrade

Humanitarian organization " Prijatelj u nevolji", Belgrade

Daycare facility for children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities "Sunce", Smederevo

Daycare center for children and youth with developmental disabilities, Požarevac

Society for Cerebral and Infantile Paralysis, Požarevac

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